10 Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2018)

So some week’s ago I was asked to write about the Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500, had a smart thought where to begin, yet I needed to put my hands and ears on the greatest number of guitars as I could.

There was a great deal to look over, so I put a couple of additional parameters on my judging criteria. I deliberately prohibited scaled down measured and parlor guitars, with the goal that implies I considered auditorium, dreadnought, and jumbo: “traditional” acoustic guitars.

I was searching for guitars that sounded adjusted acoustically and great to my ears. They needed to pass the play-ability, sound, and comfort test also.

I was searching for guitars that influenced my need (and you my readers) to pay for them and of course play them.

With that been said below are my “best handpick” Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500 I was able to come up with. Please check them out and I’m sure you will not be disappointed

Here we go:

1. Yamaha L Series LS6

Yamaha L-Series LS6

Moving into a top spot in our outline is the mind-blowing Yamaha LS6, which is a piece of the brand’s rich L Series.

It ought to be nothing unexpected to perceive any reason why! It includes an overall great look, feel and sound, which genuinely edges on the premium.

The sound specifically is a feature, as the LS6 gloats a rich tone similar to something you’d find on a strong topped guitar matured for 10 years or two – halfway on account of the A.R.E innovation utilized on the strong Engelmann spruce best.

The 5-employ mahogany/rosewood neck is additionally a delight, while the gadgets are inconspicuous yet successful. It’s truly difficult to blame one of the Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500 at sub cost.


  • Great development , you can trust Yamaha on that
  • Deep, full solid
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Not the most noteworthy quality tone wood (however it functions admirably together)
  • It is somewhat costly for learners but you will glade you bought it.

2. Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500: Seagull S6

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Seagull is making incredible guitars and the S6 Original is no special case. It has a strong cedar top with Canadian wild cherry back and sides. The wood is featured with the semi-shine wrap-up. The neck is silver leaf maple with a rosewood fingerboard.

The scaffold is likewise made of rosewood. It has a solid and splendid sound with the blast y-ness contained by the altered dreadnaught style body. The neck is marginally more extensive than a standard acoustic, and finger pickers will truly appreciate the additional dividing.

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There is additionally a “thin” variant with a smaller neck for the individuals who lean toward a slimmer neck width. Extra choices incorporate including hardware, a left-hand rendition, or a case. This guitar is the general champ in the tenderfoot’s acoustic guitars diagram too.


  • Excellent sound and tone yield
  • Reliable tuners with Seagull logo (imagine that feeling)
  • Free guitar stand and gig pack with Seagull logo
  • Tortoise shell pick guard; gleaming
  • Matte complete back and sides made with wild cherry wood
  • Cedar top


  • Pick guards have somewhat unpleasant edges
  • Varnish bubbles seen on a few pieces; producer deformity
  • Bridge and nut could do with holding the fret board strings somewhat nearer

3. Ibanez Exotic Wood AEW40ZW

Ibanez Exotic Wood AEW40ZW-NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Spruce and cedar excessively tasteless for you? You’ll be quick to peruse more about this eye-getting Ibanez AEW40ZW, which makes full utilization of outlandish zebrawood on the best, back and sides.

With an unmistakable large body shape and delicate Florentine cutaway, this electro-acoustic model likewise includes a glossy silk completed C-formed mahogany neck, with a rosewood fretboard and 20 effortlessly open fusses. Concerning hardware, the AEW40ZW comes stacked with an Ibanez-outlined AEQ-SP2 preamp with a Fishman Sonicore pickup.

This framework incorporates basic volume, bass and treble controls, an onboard computerized tuner, and both Balanced XLR and 1/4″ yields for a lot of flexibility. It looks extraordinary, plays awesome, and offers a major energetic tone with a lot of splendor.


  • It is Affordable to buy
  • Beginner-accommodating
  • Good hardware for long lasting


  • Okay sound
  • Need to change strings once in a while

4. Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500: Guild F-2512E Maple

Guild F-2512E Maple

This one was the astonishment of the cluster. Society makes awesome Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500, however when I saw a full-sized gigantic 12-string in this value extend, my first idea was “meh.”

Boy, was I off-base! Not exclusively is this a tremendous sounding adjusted instrument, however, it even hits the 12-string trifecta: simple playability, even activity, and superb inflection.

That is amazing in any value go. As though that weren’t sufficient, there’s a prudent AP-1 pickup framework included.

It sounds extraordinary, and the controls are mounted inside the soundhole, so they’re effectively gotten to, however, don’t influence the look of the instrument. I actually couldn’t quit playing this guitar.


  • Looks incredible. All around valued.


  • Takes some becoming acclimated to for six stringers.

5. Martin X Series LX1E

Martin X Series LX1E

Indeed, a Martin guitar under $500. The Martin LX1E highlights a Sitka spruce best with mahogany back and sides.

It conveys the Martin name, which implies high caliber is normal. Being that it is nearer to out $500 restrict, you can anticipate that this guitar will convey in tone. This one is an immediate contender to the Baby Taylor.

Individuals that claim both have said that they like the sound of the Martin better, portraying it as splendid and fresh. The tradeoff is the playability isn’t evaluated as high as the Taylor.


  • Full neck heel
  • Padded gig sack
  • Lightweight, versatile, can be put away in overhead compartments
  • Durable overlay
  • Full sound and tone
  • Simplified locally available hardware


  • No lash or fitting with buy, however the guitar is intended for movement and could utilize those adornments
  • Handle-overwhelming
  • No support pole implies no adjustment ability

6. The Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic Guitar

Luna Fauna Phoenix Acoustic Guitar

Actually one of the Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500 in this value go, also the somewhat charming Abalone Phoenix decal on a dark Spruce best, this is a most loved among performers youthful and old.

The scale is 25 ½ crawls with nut width coming in at 1 5/8 inches. With a blend of rosewood and mahogany for the neck and all-mahogany for the sides and back, this guitar stands limned in its people style cutaway.


  • Spruce top with scale back enormous cutaway body
  • Inlaid decal of a phoenix
  • 4-band preamp
  • Built-in tuner
  • Convenient double yield; high z and low z, ‘z’ for impedance (electronic measure)
  • Dynamic motivation reaction; expedient begins and stops in sound
  • Bow bend alteration at neck


  • Case sold independently
  • Spruce top composed with reverberation hosing prop; not very boisterous a sound yield; ‘twangy’

7. Ovation Celebrity Elite

Ovation Celebrity Elite

Applause makes an extraordinary acoustic-electric that is just $469. It has a spruce best with a record bowl back.

A few people don’t care for the adjusted back as it’s difficult to keep it in your lap, so a tie might be required in the event that you ought to pick this guitar. The installed preamp has a worked in tuner which makes remaining in order extremely basic.

It’s pleasant not keeping up with a different tuning gadget. The surveys for this guitar are sure, referring to extraordinary tone and playability.


  • Remarkably engaging outside, top notch projection and extraordinary for recording purposes


  • A bit substantial in weight when contrasted with its partners

8. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

The Epiphone Hummingbird Pro ripples into the acoustic guitar showcase with a guarantee of satisfying Epiphone’s image of delivering quality guitars at reasonable rates.

It is an eye-catcher of a guitar what with its Cherry Sunburst Finish and complicatedly outlined pickguard.  Be that as it may, the Hummingbird Pro isn’t just about the visuals, with the strong wood body and best, this acoustic guitar delivers a brilliant full, warm tone that is a tactile involvement in itself.

A distinct take at the cost, it can be utilized for pretty much any action—sticking with companions, rehearsing for a gig or notwithstanding performing in little scenes. The Hummingbird Pro may not be a Gibson, but rather it beyond any doubt can convey your requirements.


  • Has the great Hummingbird acoustic guitar however with magnificent equipment inside
  • Great adjust in sound when you start playing, far and away superior once it is in the correct speaker
  • Distinct bring down end tune with a solid establishment for brighter and higher finishes
  • Can be played with any sort, may it shake to barre harmonies
  • High guidelines with amazing specs and a reasonable cost
  • Can be utilized for recording sessions, hone, or in proficient settings
  • Slim-decrease neck for comfort when playing
  • NanoFlex pickup framework for no dead air or humming sounds amid an execution
  • Has a preamp for simple control for balance of volume, treble, and bass
  • No need to reach inside the guitar to change batteries, you can supplant it from the outside body
  • Can be played appropriate out of the crate


  • Not the most grounded neck and body
  • The neck is somewhat distant however can be balanced
  • Some can hear somewhat of a twang or buzz as they play
  • Color blurs after some time
  • Some objections of the guitar ailing in tone without a base end

9. Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500: Taylor Big Baby 

Taylor Big Baby

Taylor guitars are known to be one of the amazing guitars in the market today yet the value appended to such quality is very robust that is, until the point that they presented the Taylor Big Baby line.

A gunboat acoustic guitar, the Big Baby is nevertheless a part littler than the full-measure battleships Taylor offers.

In any case, much the same as its younger sibling, don’t let the versatile size trick you in light of the fact that the Big Taylor can perform big. When it comes to sound, it truly comes down to the sort of wood utilized as a part of building the guitar.


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Resonant and engaging sound
  • Versatile playability
  • Elegant pick guard
  • Cool and quieted laser-carved rosette
  • Ebony fret board


  • Fretboard marbelization and over-tight strings watched
  • Too much wood grain in the spruce best likewise watched

10.    Washburn Solid Wood Series WD160SW Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Solid Wood Series WD160SW Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Between the delightful characteristic complete and strong Cedar top, you have a guitar that sounds perfectly great. The rosewood fingerboard is as agreeable to use as it is speaking to take a gander at.

A two-way (or double activity) bracket pole makes for straightforward and adaptable string stature alignments to suit your learning pace and style. The back and sides of the guitar are strong mahogany; this adds to the toughness and sound quality esteem.

The quarter swan scalloped supporting makes the gathering solid and solid. The neck is mahogany completed with glossy silk.


  • Rosewood extension and fingerboard
  • Headstock with rosewood top, adapted W decorate, and MOP Washburn logo
  • Solid Cedar top
  • Dual-way support pole
  • Quarter sawn scalloped supporting
  • 43mm nut width
  • Lightweight


  • The complete has been seen to shred around the sound gap


With regards to acquiring any of this Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500, the main issue would dependably be quality in connection to the offered price.

The same goes for purchasing an acoustic guitar. You would need to guarantee that you had put your cash in an instrument that is justified regardless of your while, correct?

you can buy any of these guitars on the web (just click on the guitars name/image and you will redirected to where you be able to buy any of them). I for one get a kick out of the chance to sit in a store and play the real guitar I’ll be bringing home.

That way I can check whether the activity is set too high, how it feels, and in particular how it sounds. You can unmistakably locate an extraordinary Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar Under $500. Try not to preclude the alternative of purchasing utilized.

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