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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2018)

Welcome to my today review of the factors to watch out when buying an audio speaker system

One of the things I enjoy doing everyday (even now I’m writing this post) is playing music since it help to reduce stress but one thing I have come to notice is that the quality of the audio speaker I use matters a lot.

And knowing this good quality audio speaker to buy is a pain in the ass (I tell you),

I know that you may have pass through the same experience just like me well that will change today because in this post

I will be revealing the factors I consider when buying audio speakers either online (my most preferred) or at the store close to you

Our focus today will be:

  • Cheap!!! Then you get what you pay for
  • Brand of the speakers
  • Speaker size
  • Speaker quality
  • The system should not always be Expensive

With the high rate of “fake” reviews of audio speakers system coming up every now and then I ask myself if I can ever get what I pay for.

Well the answer is YES as I know what is needed buying Audio Speaker

1. Cheap, then you get what you pay for, many people love “CHEAP” items but that shouldn’t always be the case.

I do tell my friends that I will be happy paying for what I will enjoy with peace of mind even if it cost me more than settles for less.

Technology keep improving and this producers spend hundreds of thousands (if not millions) producing this audio speakers, will you think there will sell them (the good quality ones) cheap ‘think again’ when you see all the “cheap audio Speakers” RUN!!!

As you will not like to have bad experience knowing you bought some bad speakers, Good quality audio systems mean paying good money PERIOD!!!

2.  Brand: Every day I see low UN-experience producers entering the market and producing low end speakers, do you want to buy any item either audio speakers, television set, bow ties etc. research the producer of the product to know if he is worthy to buy from.

You will not like to go for the low earn speakers with nothing to write home about, money is hard to make so use it wisely.

3.   Speaker size: The number of speakers matter and I will ask, will it make any sense buying just one small speaker for a big living room #huh it does not make any sense, so the number of speaker matter as it will help fell the room with quality mix sounds..

Though it’s personal as it depend on the users, so I will say GO WITH WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

4.   Speaker quality: In as much as the numbers of speakers matters you will not like to buy low quality audio speakers as it just mean “waste of money” and at the end make not too good sounds for your listening pleasure, when you need any audio speaker check how good ‘quality’ the speakers are

5.    Audio system should not always be Expensive: I hear you say but you just talked about pricing yes I know at a point I spend some huge money buying an audio speaker guess what?

The speakers were too good to be truth of course I lost the money but should we always have to pay HUGE money for items we want to buy? The answer is no we don’t have to.

So whenever you want to buy any audio speaker compare the price from seller A and B to know which one you can pay comfortably for.

You have just read my experience with buying an audio speaker and you can see my pains in this experience just to buy an audio speaker

I will advise you take the listed recommendations above seriously and the process will be easy without knowing when you hit the BUY BUTTON of the product.

In summary first don’t go for too cheap speakers, research about the producers of the speaker, do a little calculation of the size of where you intend keeping the speakers (is it in your office or living room)

know the size (space) of the ‘maybe’ room matters a lot and finally compare the price of the same products to find that “friendly pocket” price audio speaker to buy

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